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After attending a Brides Across America event (a national non-profit group that provides wedding gowns to military couples at no-charge), Andrew and Joslynn Skelton were inspired by a local military couple. Miguel and Eileen Madrigal met while Miguel was coaching at South High School. They quickly fell in love and plans of marriage were on the horizon, until Miguel got called to serve his country. The two decided to elope and delay their dream wedding until Miguel came back. After two tours, one in Iraq and another in Afghanistan where Miguel received a Purple Heart, the Madrigals focused on their growing family of three girls and placed their wedding dreams on hold. An Officer and A Wedding was founded in order to give military couples, like the Madrigals, the dream wedding they willingly sacrificed for their country. A team of like-minded and military friendly wedding professionals came together and formed the core vendor team behind An Officer and A Wedding. With the Madrigal’s wedding coming up on April 20, 2012, we are looking for the community’s help to nominate the next deserving couple for a wedding in the fall of 2012.

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